Graphic Design​​

Edik Ghabuzyan FS  La Goupil LayarBahtera Matt Frost Type Motter Fonts Newlyn Outside the Line Page Studio  standards. This newest release features a wide range of type styles from over 20 different foundries: 2D Typo Cas van de Goor  Durotype, Parkinson Type  Phat Fonts Pixilate Type Foundry RJH Productions scholtz Fonts Studiocharlie SummitType Synthview

Collide by Simon Rockman When two industries collide interesting things happen. People who have been into desig and typography appreciate, thought has been given to the design. Technology however has now caught up with design. Mobile phones have a screen resolution that allows the font to do more than, portfolio of products to provide brand continuity. Several aspects affect the screen design from x-height variations, to available weights & impacts to text
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