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HTML to WordPress: Full Feature List

All Device and Cross-Browser Compatibility

Our coding helps your WordPress website to be consistent and compatible with all the devices and browsers.

Free Advanced Theme Control Panel

Control panel helps you to manage text and other sections of your website like the favicon, logo, text, Google Analytics code, Header & Footer sections, sliders and more. Read More »


We introduce the essentials like CSS preprocessors on every project we work with. State your inputs and we execute them with the hassle-free conversion services.

User Friendly & Easy to Manage

The CMS delivered for wordpress website is coded in order to provide user-friendly way and easy to manage add or delete the sections, text of your website even with little or no previous web experience.

Latest WordPress Version

Latest WordPress Version We build your website using the latest WordPress version.

Easy Installation and Upgrades

We use easy to install themes & upgrade. And also ensure you with minimal work down the road.

HTML Included

Along with the theme files HTML pages are also included.

Widget Ready

Our WordPress themes support almost all the features include social networking, spam protection, forum, widgets, and more.

Custom Post Type Integration

This feature helps you create custom posts that suit your websites style & goals.

Supports Fixed, and Flexible/Fluid Layouts

We ensure that your WordPress theme is responsive and support the flexible and fluid layouts which are built using percentages.

Multi-Lingual Support

It�s easy to build the multilingual websites.

Semantic Coding

Everything is coded in a semantic way, ensuring no sacrifice for speed & maximally clean template.

Multiple Frameworks Available

Different frameworks available with Expert Web Tech namely Twitter Bootstrap, Fluid Baseline Grid, Boilerplate, Foundation & more.

Easy to Manage & SEO Friendly

SEO-Friendliness and Easy to manage are the best features of WordPress. They doesn�t easy to use, but also simple designs to market & effective SEO.

Multilevel drop-down menu supported

WordPress themes contain easy to create a multilevel drop down menu from the menu option.


Our expert team strives for excellence at each phase offering extraordinary support to our clients.

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